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PocketSuite: Homescreen Redesign

A redesign of the PocketSuite homescreen.

The Goal

Move from a passive home screen to a more action oriented home screen that allows Pros to:

  1. Follow up on lapsed subscription payments

  2. Surface the names of clients to rebook

  3. Resell clients packages when their existing packages have run out of sessions or expired


Based on my discussions with stakeholders, I first dug in to understand the user and their journey. For the sake of the exercise, I went ahead and made some assumptions where outside of this challenge context I would dig into data and user research.

Next, I created some initial sketch concepts based on the user and their pain points. Lastly, I revisited the goals of the home screen redesign and chose the sketch I felt best solved the user’s pain points and created a mockup in Figma.

Understanding the User

Tasks they want to be able to complete:

  1. More action oriented tasks to further their business and sales

  2. Easily pull up and access the most important screens for their business while multitasking

  3. Follow up on lapsed subscription payments and unpaid invoices

  4. Surface the names of clients to rebook

  5. Resell clients packages when their existing packages have run out of sessions or have expired

Pain Points

  1. Pros are busy. They are using the app while they're working, multitasking, driving, etc.

  2. Lapsed subscription payments and unpaid invoices – they need paid

  3. They forget to rebook clients and reach out to them to resell packages that have run out of sessions or expired

  4. They are wearing many different hats in the business, (I would have to dig into the data, but I am assuming a large % are solopreneurs and wearing ALL the hats)

User Stories

User stories to help understand the context, motivations, and desired outcome:

When heading to my next dog walk,

I want to be able to quickly access my schedule for the rest of the day

So I can have peace of mind knowing I am on track for the day

When I am finishing up a dog walk,

I want to be able to quickly pull up the client to rebook,

So I don’t have to worry about setting it up later and the next booking is ready to go

When a client calls me on the phone to rebuy their old package while I am busy,

I want to be able to quickly resell the package and send it their way

So I can sell the package while it’s hot and I won’t forget to do it later

Jen’s User Journey

What steps does the Jen, the Dog Walker, take before, during, and after her involvement with the app?

  1. Jen gets in her car

  2. She starts driving to her booking

  3. Another client calls her

  4. She answers the phone

  5. Client asks to rebook a package

  6. Jen hangs up the phone

  7. Jen arrives at current booking

  8. Jen pulls out her phone

  9. Jen opens PocketSuite

  10. Jen clicks Resell Packages

  11. Jen finds client’s name who called her

  12. Jen sends that client an invoice for the package

  13. Jen gets out at current client’s house and begins booking

Home Screen Requirements

Based on Jen’s goals and needs the home screen should be:

Action Oriented

  • Key actions needed to quickly access are displayed on home screen

Usable while Multitasking

  • No frills, straightforward and streamlined, easy to get from point to A to B


After digging in and understanding the user better, I shifted into ideation and began brainstorming how we might solve the user’s pain points. My initial ideas are on the next page. I wanted to determine:

  • How might we make the home screen more action oriented?

  • How might we make the home screen more intuitive for multi-tasking?

  • How might we personalize the home screen based on Pro track?

  • How might we help Pros further streamline their business?

  • How might we use data to suggest actions that will directly affect a Pro’s bottom line?


Concept 1

  1. Quick Action Personalization: Allowing Pros to determine what Quick Actions to include at the top of their home screen would allow Pros to further personalize their PocketSuite. In this concept, I included a Pencil to allow Pros to edit this section. In user testing, I would want to see if a Pencil, an “Edit” button, or something else would be most intuitive for users. If this was introduced, it would be essential to have a pop up to explain it to long time users.

  2. Needs Attention Auto-Suggest: The second half of this screen has a list of what needs attention in their business as determined by data. Suggesting these by what our data tells us would most directly impact their bottom line would further users leaning into trusting PocketSuite as their “partner”.

Concept 2

  1. Recently Viewed: Instead of allowing Pros to personalize the actions at the top this concept auto populates based what they have recently viewed. This would allow Pros to not even have to think about their “Quick Actions” and the app does it for them.

  2. Appointments Today: This concept proposes having their calendar easily viewable at the bottom. This section could potentially change based on Pro Edition and what we know about each Pro edition and what is most relevant.

It would be interesting to explore if data could inform our decision on Quick Actions and change the Quick Actions listed at the top by Pro edition. Same with the bottom half of the Dashboard. Quick Actions and overview feature the Pro wants could be different for a Dog Walking Pro and a Camp Instructor Pro.

Concept 3

  1. Accessibility: I went with large viewable buttons on this mockup as I imagine users multitasking and doing quick glances at the app. If the Feature shortcuts are large and accessible, the user will have an easier time knowing what they are clicking on and getting comfortable with “half glance” selections.

  2. Personalized by Them vs. Determined by Data: For this concept I would like to research and find out if users would to personalize the actions featured here or vs. what data we have for each Pro edition and if we determine what action icons should go where.


I went with Concept 3 for the sake of this Design Challenge, but in a normal setting I would prefer seeking feedback from users and referencing research and data already conducted on these initial sketches before I chose one.

That being said, this initial mockup best achieves the goal of an action oriented home screen that is easily accessible while multitasking. It utilizes the streamlined, clean, not “over-designed” look users are used to with PocketSuite.

For Further Exploration

Throughout this challenge, other ideas popped into my head that I would want to explore further including:

  1. Multitasking Toggle: Similar to how Spotify toggles to “Driving Mode” when users are in the car, what if the homescreen could change to the “bigger buttons” when users change it to “Working Mode”. Users might like this bigger screen while multi tasking and a more detailed dashboard when solely working on the app.

  2. Snooze Actions: I would love to see if users would be interested in a way to easily Snooze Reminders, Features, or To-Dos similar to the swipe options featured on FB Messenger.

  3. Special Date Reminders: I would love to see if it would affect Pros to be reminded of their working anniversary with clients, client birthdays, etc. as a nice excuse to reach out to clients that haven’t booked for a long time.

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