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WynnBET: Pre-Prepared Parlays

Changing the WynnBET homepage to include a pre-prepared parlays/accumulators, allowing users to place the same bet. This case study was a part of a design sprint and was created from concept to mockup in 12 hours.


Indecisive betters are getting hung up on parlays on the WynnBET app. They end up not placing the bet and WynnBET would like to see a higher rate of parlays placed on the app.


A new feature that pre-prepares parlays/accumulators to take out the guesswork and gives betters parlays/accumulators that are great odds, have high payouts, and take out the stress of creating their own.

Understanding the User

My first step was to understand the users' pain points, behaviors, and motivations. For the sake of the sprint I conducted minimal research and made the following assumptions about the user from the information provided:

  • Behaviors: active sports better, familiar with parlays, someone who normally bets what friends do at in person sportsbooks

  • Pain Points: often gets hung up on making parlays, doesn’t end up placing the bet

  • Motivations: Great odds, high payout, not having to create their own parlay

Current User Flow

Before digging in and braintstorming ideas, I wanted to be sure I understood the current user flow of the WynnBET app.

Competitive Research

My next step was to dig in and research competitors' and their parlay features.

New User Flow

After user research and competitive research, I created the following user flow for the new pre-prepared parlay feature.


Before designing, I wanted to brainstorm how to best design this user flow. I jotted down some ideas and did some sketches as outlined below.


  • Specific pre-prepared parlays based on the user’s past bets? user location? user sports preferences?

  • What would this feature be called?

  • “Popular Parlay”

  • “Hot Parlay” > goes with the “56 people have placed this bet” call to action

  • “Recommended Parlay”

  • Claudia from the videos integrated into this? “Claudia’s Choice - Parlay of the day” ?

  • How to make it as accessible as possible?

  • Option to have Siri read it to the user? = Microphone button at the top of the “Popular Parlay” section?

  • Option to zoom in? Magnifying glass button?

  • How to make it as clean and clear as possible what this new feature is?

  • A pop up the first time the user sees the feature?

  • A “Learn More” button?



I put together a quick wireframe of the solution in Figma. I wanted to create a 'to the point' prototype so test users could focus on the essential flow and idea behind this solution.

Reflections and Further Iterating

This sprint was a great way to iterate quickly. The 12-hour time constraint forced me to hone in on what was most important: how a pre-prepared parlay might work on the homepage.

The constraints and the challenge of this sprint was to have a end screen concept ready to be tested. Some ideas for further exploration include:

  • Further exploration for the “fire” emoji to show this is a hot bet - I think adding a button here would be beneficial in looping in and highlighting the social / community aspect “social betting / slogan of never bet alone”

  • “TOTAL ODDS +688” is the CTA that makes this bet interesting to place so I would like to explore this further in making it stand out more - would it be beneficial to play with the background color? Maybe cut it off from the parlay list and make it stand out more – or would that create overwhelm? From an accessibility standpoint with a lot of numbers and information listed, I think it is crucial to keep this area streamlined and clean.

  • Rollout of feature: How can we introduce this feature to the audience? Videos? A pop up that is a simple gif style presentation? Should there be a permanent question mark in this section or a “What is this?” so users can easily find out what this feature is?

  • Personalized in Bet Slip? Should we allow users to personalize this pre-made parlay in the bet slip page?

  • Accessibility: I played around with bigger fonts on this mockup. I think from an accessibility standpoint having this section bigger at first since its a new feature may be helpful for users? feels slightly too big on the preview, I would want to further look at this on different devices

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